PERFECT MATCH™ Soak Off Gel Polish applies like nail polish but wears like gel. This revolutionary product with quick-and-easy application will give a deep sleek finish without chips, smudges, or drying time.

The colour is long-lasting and chip-resistant.

Nails will look flawless for weeks and stay as perfect as day one.





LeChat Pro•Tec is the ultimate UV Gel system for the next century, formulated with perfect consistency for easy application and longer wear.

It has perfect viscosity, super clarity & high gloss finish. It creates extreme adhesion with maximum strength.




The IBX System is a one of a kind professional natural nail treatment that helps improve nail growth, strengthen nail plate and protect nails against gel polish damage. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail (instead of top), is cured with LED light and forms an interpenetrating polymer network that fuses the upper layers of the nail together.  The result is a tougher natural nail that can grow on it’s own or act to protect the nail against frequent and potentially damaging removal.