If you’ve had unprotected sex or if there is a chance your normal contraceptive method may have failed (e.g. split condom or forgetting to take your pill) you can take the morning after pill up to 120 hours,or five days, after sex, to prevent pregnancy. There are two medicines available – Norlevo (Levonorgestrel) which is effective up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, and Ellaone (Ulipristal) which is effective up to 120 hours after. Emergency Hormonal Contraception, also known as the Morning-After Pill, is available without prescription at the pharmacy.   A private consultation with our pharmacist is required to make sure that this medicine is safe for you.  You do not need to make an appointment for this service.  Please drop into any Grants Pharmacy and our pharmacists will deal with you professionally and discreetly.  You do not need to provide your name or address.


The Morning-After Pill is suitable for most women but in certain circumstances our pharmacist may recommend that you see a General Practitioner (GP)  or Family Planning Clinic to discuss another method.  A previous guideline restricting use of this medicine in patients weighing over 75kg has been updated.  This medicine is now suitable for use in patients of any weight or body mass index (BMI).  The Morning After Pill is not a replacement for regular contraceptive methods and does not prevent pregnancy in every woman.  It also offers no protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).  Our pharmacist will advise you about these. For further information on contraceptive methods visit If you need to talk to someone about an unplanned pregnancy, visit or freetext LIST to 50444 for a list of FREE, State funded crisis pregnancy counselling services nationwide.